Armitage Auctions help desk

How do the auctions work ?

To bid on an auction click on the link to the auction from the home page. You will see a listing like this:

Catalogue listing 
Click on the the title of a lot and you will see a screen like this:

Catalogue listing detail

From this screen you can see that the current bid is $30.   To place a bid for $35 click Bid Now’, if you want to place a higher bid by selecting a bid from My Bid list..  Bids go up in the same amounts just like a traditional auction.

You can also enter a maximum bid.  Here you can enter your bid and the system will automatically bid on your behalf up to this amount.

  • If you enter a maximum bid that is equal to another bidder’s bid then their bid will be placed first.
  • If you enter a maximum bid that is not consistent with the bid increments for the lot then your maximum bid will be adjusted.  For example if you entered a maximum bid of $54 for the above lot it will be adjusted down to nearest bid acceptable i.e $50

If you are outbid you will receive an email with a link to that lot.  Click the link in the email to bid again.

At the end of the auction or the following day if the auction ends late at night you will receive an email with a pro-forma invoice if you are the winning bidder.  If you are the highest bidder but the reserve has not been reached you may receive an email indicating the reserve and inviting you to make an offer on the lot.

Please make arrangements with Armitage Auctions regarding payment and picking up your lots.

Do the items have reserves ?

All lots have have reserves unless otherwise stated - when the reserve price is reached you will be notified by a message "on the market".

What happens if I am the winning bidder ?

If your bid is successful, you will receive a confirmation email and invoice by 11am the following day.  Payment is required by 4pm 2 days after the auction and collection needs to be made by a similar time unless other arrangements are made .

Does my bid include GST ?

Yes, your bid includes GST.   

Are there fees and charges ?

All lots offered for auction incur a buyers premium of 18.15% (GST inclusive)

How do the auctions close ?

Lots are closed in order.  That is lot 1 closes then 20 seconds later lot 2 will close and so on through the whole catalogue.

We have added a time extension feature that is implemented in the last 45 seconds of a lot’s time. We believe this is a closer reflection to our live auction procedure in that if someone puts up their hand to bid at the last second, the auctioneer will continue the bidding and allow others to bid again.

  • If a bid is made within the last 45 seconds of a lot’s countdown, the time of closing on that lot (and only that lot) will be extended for 45 seconds.
  • If another bid comes in within the last 45 seconds of the extended time, the same process will occur.

Can I withdraw a bid ?

No, you cannot withdraw a bid. Please be careful when entering a bid as you are entering into an agreement to buy the item if your bid is the winning bid.

How can I search for an item without having to scroll through all of the catalogues?

There is a search bar on the top of each catalogue where you can place the lot number or part of the description to find particular lots. OR Go directly to and click on "ART & ANTIQUES" in yellow on the right hand side. A search panel will appear on the top - type in a description (ie. silver) and press enter. All of the current lots for auction with that word in the item description will appear below. Click on the lot and it will take you to our site.